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We are commited to providing Non-Dualistic content to remind everyone of their Divine Nature. Duality, the Earth plane, the world around us, is an illusion, a Matrix, a Separation Experience. However, what we learn here is real. But the materialistic realm is an Amnesia realm to play hide-and-seek with God as well as to play God, and sit on our own throne to make our own judgments and definitions about reality. In this separation comes Suffering, because it is a denial of the Divine with us. And that translates into disaster – famine, murder, suicide, disease, poverty, war, limitation, etc. As people come to “know thyself” and to re-member(ship) their Divine Heritage, they allow God to come back through with Guidance, Wisdom and Power. This moves a person from the unhappy dream into the happy dream. From unlove back to love. Thank you for visiting. We love you all!


All donations goes to our creative team that works hard to get much needed loving content out to a world in turmoil right now.

Thank you for anything you can give. We appreciate everyone’s support and we will continue to serve humanity, nature and the planet!


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